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This directory of educational alternatives consists of 13,000 entries, including public and private schools, charter schools, home education organizations, programs, groups, and other resources.  The directory is a major continuing project of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO), an educational non-profit organization started in 1989.  About 11,500 of the entries are located in the Unites States and 1,500 are international.  For simplicity, we sometimes refer to all listings as "schools."  Our data comes from a number of sources, including surveys conducted by AERO, online submissions to this database, and communications with the schools themselves.

There is no one definition of an alternative school or program.  However, AERO considers alternative to refer to educational options that are learner-centered, giving students a greater voice in their education.  This directory does not define alternative as programs for at-risk students (another common meaning for alternative), although many such programs are part of this list.  What all schools and programs in this database have in common is the incorporation of one or more innovative features such as internships, age mixing, portfolios, or non-compulsory class attendance, all of which give students more control over their own education. 

We hope this service will be useful for many groups of people:

  • For students who are looking for a different educational option
  • For parents wanting a learner-centered school or program for their children
  • For teachers who want to work in an educational alternative
  • For administrators and teachers of educational alternatives who want to connect with other schools
  • For anyone who wants to learn about what else is out there aside from conventional schools


If you have any questions or comments, please contact AERO at mailto:info@educationrevolution.org/ or call us at (800) 769-4171.

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